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Noel & Felicity | A Thousand Years

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I promise you, I will not let anything happen to you.

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stefan stroking elena’s face with his thumb

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"Kids, there are two big days in any love story, the day you meet the girl of your dreams; and the day you marry her."

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"We’ve gone on hundreds of dates, hundreds. We’ve gone on doctor’s lounge dates, subway commute dates, medical conference dates…"

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How Craig and Carter let me down. 
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           “Would the five of us always live within a few minutes of that booth? No. That’s life, kids. But here’s what I’ve discovered. Our booth was wherever the five of us were together.” … Or maybe not. For nearly a decade, the creators of How I Met Your Mother knew what their last scene was going to be: Ted ending up with Robin after the titular mother passes away. For all those years, every painful moment Ted Mosby had to endure was worth it because the audience knew he would get his happy ending, right? Wrong.

         To have built characters for nine seasons, through all of life’s changes, only to end up where they started .. does not seem like the ending they deserved. If anything, “The End of the Aisle” seemed like more suitable swan song for those characters. Years of growth between Barney and Robin and the dedication of an entire season to their wedding only to have them divorce in the first 20 minutes of the finale is not only a betrayal to audience that stood by the show for so long, but a cheap ploy to deliver a “clever” or “shocking” finale. Well, if that was Craig and Carter’s intention all along, they succeeded. They succeeded in their plan of shocking everyone - by implying everything ends up reverting to the pilot. They imply that no matter how much a person grows, they will be snapped back into their old ways. Ok. That’s … satisfying? I understand their point in the finale was to show that life moves on and people lose touch with good friends and so on …

           But would Robin really distance herself from the gang that made her practically family for a decade? Would she go back to being alone with her dogs and leave Barney, Lily and her friends in the dust? Would Barney go back to his “Playbook,” womanizing ways and impregnate a nameless, faceless one-night stand? Would the characters that took nine seasons to build go back to everything they did in the first episode?

           It feels so disappointing. A finale that claims to be all about hope seemed to be everything to the contrary. I guess a part of me was expecting Ted to tell his kids about how he met their mother and how she joined his group of friends seamlessly and every painful thing a person goes through is worth it in the end. Even if Craig and Carter were hell-bent on having the mother die, wouldn’t her journey with Ted mean something other than him realizing who he’s loved all along?

           To have admired the writing on How I Met Your Mother for so many years and having it all mean nothing for a sake of a plot twist was the real last slap of the slap bet – right in face of the audience. I expected nothing less than perfection from the show’s creators, because that’s what the show had most always delivered. Sadly, as the last minutes of the series finale ticked by, I lost hope of seeing Ted, Barney, Robin, Marshall, and Lily, old and wrinkled, playing cards on the front porch, explaining the mystery of that pineapple… because after nine  years, I thought their booth was wherever the five of them were together.

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HIMYM finale reviews

HIMYM finale reviews

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